Juneau Adventist Christian School

Student Handbook

Welcome To
The Juneau Adventist Christian School
The Juneau Adventist Christian School was founded to provide a
special type of education for young people.  It offers a Bible-
based program of studies and activities.  The school meets the requirements of the State of Alaska Department of Education and
is accredited by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.  It is part of a worldwide organization of Seventh-day Adventist schools, the second largest parochial system in the world.  The school continues to receive its evaluation rating of “excellent,”
and in spring of 2009, received its highest recommendations given
from the Visiting Committee of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.
The Juneau Adventist Christian School was founded on a deep
respect for children and has many advantages for your student. 
Because classes are small, your student will receive more
individualized attention.  Students from several grade levels work
together in the classroom, which means your student continually previews more advanced work and reviews work already covered. 
This is a very effective way to reinforce learning, a sense of
community and focus on individual learning styles and
development.  Small groups allow our teachers to provide a strong,
basic education that will prepare your student for high school academics. 
Physical education classes are held several times per week in our
large, well-equipped gymnasium or outside when weather permits.
Student Conduct
Experience has shown that there are some practices that cannot be tolerated.  The following behaviors will result in immediate expulsion and notification of authorities:
  • Using or possessing weapons, intoxicating beverages, tobacco, or drugs in any form
  • Intentional damage to school property
  • Theft
  • Intentional harmful threats, and/or fighting.
Suspendable offenses:
  • Undermining the religious ideals of the school
  • Profane language, lewd conduct, or possessing/displaying obscene literature or pictures
  • Bullying in any form including sexual harassment
  • Dishonesty, violation of school regulations, entering locked spaces or cheating
  • Playing pranks that may be injurious to life or property.
A suspension is a severe form of discipline.  It may be necessary to suspend a student for a period of time determined by the principal. 
The parent(s) or guardian(s) will be informed immediately of the school’s action.  The suspension does not require School Board action.  If a student is facing a second suspension, the principal may recommend to the School Board that the student be expelled.  The parent(s)/guardian(s) may request to meet with the School Board.
Occasionally it is necessary to expel a student who does not abide
by the rules and regulations of the school and who exhibits behavior damaging to the Christian atmosphere of the school.  Only the School Board is authorized to expel a student from school.  Personal and
written contact will be made with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to
inform them of the action.
Aims and Goals
The Juneau Adventist Christian School encourages academic
excellence and promotes responsible citizenship.
We believe:
  • Each child is unique and requires personal attention.
  • Each student will be well-prepared in basic academic and
social skills.
  • All children will be skillful problem solvers, independent thinkers, and confident decision makers.
  • Children with varied abilities and interests will be included.
  • Teachers and staff will be nurturing and will model good citizenship.
  • Teachers will have strong educational backgrounds and will
have effective communication skills.
  • Education is a community endeavor of students, families, teachers, and staff.
Admission Information
The Juneau Adventist Christian School accepts students of all
religions, races, colors, national or ethnic origins.  All educational
policies, programs, and activities are free from discrimination
based on race, color, national origin, sex, or religion.  However,
due to the unique nature of a small school program, we are not                    
staffed to provide for the needs of the special education student.
Children entering the first grade must be six years old on or before September 1st of the year in which they enter school.  The school
reserves the right to place students in the grade in which they can achieve their best work.
School and Your Family
We believe that a high-quality education is built upon a foundation
that begins at home.  Parent involvement is considered a critical component of our success and is strongly encouraged.  Families
are invited to attend several special events throughout the year. 
Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled after the first and third quarters.  Special conferences can be arranged for informal consultations by calling the school at 780-4336.
Parents are encouraged to participate in the Home and School Association.  Each year the Association will be formed and organized according to the needs of the current staff and student body.  Home and School meetings provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to talk about how to improve the overall education and development of the students and to plan special events, fundraisers, etc.
Curriculum and Principles
The curriculum stresses educating students for a life of worship,
growth, and service.  It places a high estimate on the worth of
the individual student and dictates that Christian values are to be developed in every subject at all grade levels.
Also included at all grade levels in appropriate areas are library, research, reference and study skills; thinking and writing in all
subject areas; calculator use, computer skills, graphs, tables and
charts; current events, cultural, political and religious heritage;
careers; and healthy lifestyles.
Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid
Monthly Tuition
Tuition is the operating income for our school. Student fees come far short of paying the cost of operating the school. A large share of the school budget is subsidized by the members of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Alaska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. 
Financial Aid
Financial aid funds may be applied for each semester for those who
are in need of financial support. Completion of a Financial Aid Application Form is required. This aid is dependent upon available funds and need. 
Early Payment Discount
A discount of 10% is offered when the full year’s tuition is paid by October 31st.  A 5% semester discount is offered when the first semester’s tuition is paid by October 31st.  Not more than one discount is offered.
Delinquent Tuition
Tuition is delinquent if not paid by the 10th of the month.  Should tuition payments become 10 days delinquent, your student will not be allowed to continue classes.   When tuition is paid in full, your student will be allowed to return to class. 
Additional Considerations
Physical Examination
All new students, as well as fourth and seventh graders, are required by the State of Alaska to have an examination by a physician or Public Health Nurse.  This record must be presented upon registration or BEFORE the child starts school.
All new students must present a complete Certificate of Immunization Status Form at the time of entrance.
Absences and Tardiness
In order for your student to receive the best education he/she needs to be present on time and in regular attendance.  Tardies and absences are to be authorized with a parent/guardian note.  School attendance policies follow North Pacific Union and State of Alaska guidelines.  All assignments must be made up.
Leaving School Early
Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the day without parent/guardian permission.  The responsibility of the school to provide for the safety of the students is great.    Please do not take a student out of school during the day without prior arrangements with the teacher.
School Closure Policy
The Juneau Adventist Christian School will be closed when Juneau public schools close due to bad weather or local emergency.
Arrival and Departure
School doors will remain locked until 7:45 a.m. each day, and students are to leave promptly on dismissal.  There is no supervision of the playground/school either before or after school.
Mission Statement
The Juneau Adventist Christian School is a place where students from a variety of backgrounds have the opportunity to know Christ, develop their characters, and prepare for a life in His service.  It is our purpose to provide a climate for the development of mind, body, and soul that will enable students to be good providers, responsible citizens, and useful contributors to the enrichment of the communities in which
they live.
We are committed to:
  • Creating a positive, caring environment where Christian love and virtue are taught by instruction and example.
  • Integrating Bible into all areas of the curriculum and providing regular opportunities for Christian service.
  • Promoting a stimulating environment that sparks the imagination for the development of curious, joyful, lifelong learners.
  • Partnering with parents, students, the school board and church to provide the students with the best possible “Journey to Excellence” in all areas of student life.
  • Providing a climate for young people characterized by quality instruction and high expectations.
Dress Code
The dress code is aimed at Christian values, reflecting moderation and good taste, comfort, and practicality.  We believe that appearance affects a student’s attitude and behavior.  Because of this parents are urged to be sure that their student is dressed appropriately and modestly for school. 
  • Tops/shirts should cover the stomach and cleavage.
  • T-shirts and tops should not have inappropriate advertising or logos.
  • Jeans must not show backside cleavage.
  • Clothing should be clean and in good repair.
  • Tank tops and shorts are not allowed.
  • No hats are to be worn in the classroom.
Items to be Left at Home
IPods, MP3 players, video games, DS games, and cell phones are not allowed at school.  To contact your student, you may call the school at 780-4336 to leave a message with the teacher.
Problem Resolution
Please attempt to resolve any concerns or problems you may have about your student with the teacher first.  The teacher is concerned about your student’s welfare.  If the concern cannot be resolved at
that level, the parent should go to the School Board Chair.
Tuition for 2015-2016
Constituent Member*           Non-constituent
            1st student:  $325.00               1st student:  $350.00
For students not financially assisted, a 10% discount is given for each additional child per family.
When tuition and fees are due:
Tuition is paid in 10 equal payments.  The first month’s tuition payment and a non-refundable $200.00 registration/book fee per student must be paid at the time of registration.  Payments are then due on the first of each month from September through May.  You can
expect to receive monthly statements from the school treasurer. 
Tuition payments may either be turned into the principal’s office or mailed to:
Juneau Adventist Christian School
Attn:  School Treasurer
4890 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone/fax: 907.780.4336
*Member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Admission Information (cont’d)
Grades                         1 through 8
            School Hours              8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
            Friday                          8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Principal and Teacher
Nancy A. (Nickie) Romine
Nickie Romine graduated from Walla Walla College in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  She has endorsements for Kindergarten, all level Elementary, Religion, High School Biology, and Vocational Home Economics.
Her first year of teaching was in Housing and Design, Parent and Child Development, Individual and Family Life at Eagle Pass High School in Eagle Pass, Texas.  She also taught Junior High English and Study Skills, and 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades.  Her first years of teaching were in the state of Texas.
Nickie brings to the classroom a love of learning and caring and many abilities in working with different groups of children.  With her love for children of all ages, she brings a wide range of teaching experience to all levels. 
We have been privileged to have Mrs. Romine as our principal and teacher since 2002.